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In Trying Times, Choose Hope

by Cherie D. Trahan


While living in trying times,

when the known seems to be

coming and going like the wind,

I pray that you choose to have hope,

and display your ability 

to make life's struggles and challenges



As you boldly envision yourself

already on the other side

of this difficult season,

you will be able to unveil

life's obstacles for the

bluffs that they are,

just trying to distract and deter you.


Even in the midst of the unknowns,

you can lean on those around you,

and rely on what you do have

and use what you do know,

to take the necessary paths

that will help you inch your way 

closer and closer.

And before you even realize,

all of your trying times will become

flying times,

as you soar to better days.

And you will live under 

a rainbow of blessings,

all because you endured and made it through,

just as you believed.


And when you sit back and reflect,

a soft voice will reveal in a whisper:

Because you chose to have hope

in the face of all your struggles,

that which you desired, and more,

was set into place

the moment you believed,

and has been here on the other side,

waiting just for you.


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