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Author Cherie


Why I Started Writing Poetry... 


While attending college, this would be a pivotal time in my life. I was eighteen years old and at the beginning stages of young womanhood, and excited about my "college experience." I'd get a taste of what it was like to live on my own while exploring and navigating through new exposures—academically and socially. 

It wasn’t too long before I'd experience a few personal setbacks in the form of unimagined adversity that struck me hard. However, as a very quiet person, I internalized my feelings, emotions, and thoughts and needed an outlet and set out to journal, as a freeing “release.” 


But I noticed something interesting. I needed my words and sentences to "flow," as discerning thoughts, pinned-up feelings, and swirling emotions in response to life circumstances (good or bad) were written down and expressed in poetry form. I marveled at the discovery of this God-given gift! I can say that writing was never a hobby for me; it was a means of survival. My poetry helped me with expressing myself when getting through life's ups and downs.

What I Mostly Write About...

Once I discovered my gift of writing poetry, it became a passion of mine. In fact, my poetry grew to serve two primary purposes: (1) a much-needed outlet so I could “express” and “get things off my chest;” and (2) a much-needed outlet so I could release pinned-up creativity that was also boiling over.

In the beginning, the topics I wrote about were fairly random. For example, I often wrote about the beauty of nature as well as my real-life college experiences, my reflective and spiritual thoughts in general, my passion toward basketball (my favorite pastime), dating and relationship situation, and love. So whatever was on my heart and mind at the time and I had something to say about it and needed to get it out—I wrote it down, as original poetic expressions.

After I graduated from college, I also began living on my own for real, as a young adult in my early twenties; and LIFE would take me down an unexpected path for an EXTRAORDINARY journey! There would then be a tremendous "shift" in what I mostly wrote about, as the topics would no longer be random. Instead, my poetry became intentional and purpose-driven.


When I Discovered New

Purpose for My Poetry...


Soon after I began living on my own and dove further into young womanhood at the start of the new millennium, I gave birth to a miracle baby boy at twenty-five years old and in the year 2000. But little did I know that the dramatic circumstances and life-threatening conditions surrounding my pregnancy and the birth of my very premature baby at just 1 lb. and 11 oz. was only a preview and the catalyst for a remarkable sequence of back-to-back and intertwined adversityand then, extraordinary miracle blessings to comeover the next ten years!


Whenever I set out to achieve or attain what young women often strive to get out of life (such as trying to become a mother; trying to have full independence; trying to raise a healthy child; trying to tend to business while in the workplace; and dreaming BIG in the areas of homeownership, career, and love), I had to repeatedly confront a series of faith-testing uphill battles where I would have absolutely no idea how I (or my young son in some instances) would make it out...or whether I would even make it. I then, however, started to notice something amazing. 


In each case, no matter how dark, mountainous, or threatening the adversity became, God kept showing up on my behalf in response to my bold and courageous levels of faith in a major way. Not only was God bringing me out each time, but He was catapulting me to the point where I was experiencing some of the lowest of lows to then persevere and overcome to 

experience some of the highest of highs in the form of seven distinct miracle blessings, as only God could get all the credit!




Once I overcame and exited this fascinating ten-year season of accumulating miracle blessings, I came out feeling as though I owed God everythingfrom my life to my gifts. In fact, I immediately began operating under a divine directive, as spoken directly to my spirit: my talent plus my testimony has paved the way for the discovery of my purpose. 


It was made clear. God did not orchestrate each of my miracle testimonies to just keep them to myself! Instead, I must run and tell as many as I can worldwide that God is Jehovah Rapha (healer), Jehovah Jireh (provider), and Jehovah Nisse (victory)! I and my son are proof! Therefore, I have since lived with a strong spiritual awareness and passionate desire to use my gifts of writing, nonfiction storytelling, poetry, and creativity to give back and help others, as it is my lifelong goal to refer all to God, as I humbly walk in my discovered purpose to inspire!

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