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by Author Cherie 


Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

                                       Philippians 1:6

 NIV Version   

From Basketball 

          -to Butterflies

From basketball to butterflies;

so symbolic of my journey:

a spiritual realigning,

interior fine tuning,

and exterior redefining,

guiding me to and through womanhood

to my current state of…being.

From discovering the who I am

to the uncovering of the…why;

new dreams, new likes…new life,

as the process has left me mesmerized.


And still, a very big part of me

is my defining tomboy beginnings.

A swag that I have and still carry

-one that has withstood

the periodic injecting of girly-girl things

and intercepting femininity,

as the change inevitably

blossomed within me

-over time

and has kept me pleasantly surprised.


The unveiling of awaiting beauty;

and new dimensions of creativity.

The unraveling of a fresh anointing,

making for an extraordinary story.

And the power of salvation and change to encourage

-with a purpose so inspiring;

and now creatively using the two

to express the new that I’m celebrating,

as I stand with a style that’s all my own…

butterfly unique and basketball chic.


And I find myself giggling out loud

at the now vs. the how I started out-

I used to get a kick out of watching the ball

as I would leap and out of my hands,

I’d let it fly;

and now I’m flying high like a butterfly

having a ball while leaping on the inside

and getting a kick out of watching the new me!

From basketball to butterflies;

yes, I am blessed by my arrival

at destination: new beginnings;

but, the heart of my praise and my most rewarding days

have all taken place…while going through the journey.

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