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Hoop Dreams


It became God’s way

of intimately

speaking to me

at night

-through my dreams.


Whenever I dreamed

about basketball,

it was a clear

indication and communication,

and revelation,

that there was a brewing blessing

or that I was in the midst

of something good happening

or surrounded by good people

to result in good things.


So, now when I lay me down to sleep

I daydream…

as my mind wonders about when and what

my next night vision will be.


I lay still,

awaiting sleep’s reveal.

And I am able to rest while knowing

that whenever God chooses to intimately

speak to me,

I will listen, as I hear

-while at peace;

and allow my sleeping body

with my now awakened spirit

to always touch…and agree

with every single one of God’s delivered

hoop dreams…


because they always do come true.




by Cherie D. Trahan
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