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Cherie Trahan

featured contributing writer

2023 Book Publication!

Our Daily Bread Ministries

Devotional Article: "Shine"


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With a Purpose 2 Inspire: 

A Poetry Collection

Book Overview:

As a timely and timeless collection of inspirational poetry, this book consists of ten faith-filled and insightful poems that are linked with empowering Scripture. Its compact size enables readers to keep it close by and easily carry it around when on the go, since this literary work consists of the everyday wisdom, reflection, encouragement, and inspiration we often seek and need (and can reference daily) when striving to walk by faith and not by sight.

Each poem in this collection was inspired by Cherie's reflective thoughts and spiritual lessons learned about some of God's greatest orchestrations, as witnessed and experienced while marveling at nature and based on true-life events, as she believes everything that comes into existence and all that has taken place in her life has been on purpose with a purpose. Further, with quite an extraordinary personal story of how God allowed and turned her “moments” of trials and tribulations into a “season” of triumph through her fascinating accumulation of miracle blessings, she strongly desires to share this collection of poetry to inspire and bless others worldwide—no matter what age in life and no matter the stage of life.


7953 Annapolis Road

Lanham, MD 20706

(301) 459-5999

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''When we find ourselves facing difficult seasons or challenging circumstances in our everydayness, it's not always easy to see past what may be taking place. We can become distracted or be easily persuaded into only thinking in the natural. However, it's through words of encouragement, empowering Scripture, and Bible-based wisdom, as offered in this book, that the reader becomes better equipped to stand strong in their faith and align their way of thinking with who God is and how He operates in the supernatural. Instead of asking why certain situations are happening to them, the life-changing and spiritual-strengthening question for the reader becomes, what is God's purpose behind what is taking place and how is God using and orchestrating all things, the good and the bad, for them?''

~ Author Cherie

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