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Spiritual Walk Appointed by God:

My Accumulated Miracle Blessings


Book Overview

Based on a remarkable true story of persistent faith, Cherie D. Trahan found herself on a path where practically no faith testing grounds were left uncovered. Unknowingly, at the start of the new millennium in the year 2000, she stepped into a decade-long season of back-to-back and intertwined uphill battles and unimaginable adversities that were tied to contemporary challenges and heartfelt issues. There were both life threatening situations, which at any given time could have easily taken her and in some instances her beloved son (as a newborn and then again as a toddler) out and mountainous life circumstances, which at any given turn could have easily led to lasting thoughts of being a failure while completely counting herself out; however, she details how repeatedly choosing journeys of faith, despite the odds, paved the way for an extraordinary accumulation of seven, distinct miracle blessings and empowering, faith-filled takeaways to impart for the benefit of the reader. 


Reader Benefits:
   * Discover someone else has experienced your same struggle, as you are not alone.
       * Strengthen your ability to apply God's Word to real-life issues.  
           * Reduce worry and fear when adversities come.
               * Desire a strong relationship with God. 
                     * Gain a bold and courageous level of faith.
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